SR300 Class A Industrial Pyranometer

Hukseflux is proud to introduce the world’s first industrial-grade digital pyranometer, designed specifically for PV applications. The SR300 builds upon our market leading internally heated and ventilated SR30 model by incorporating enhanced surge immunity, improved tilt measurement functionality, and expanded real-time diagnostics.

New Features
  • Enhanced Surge Protection: The SR300 offers industrial-level immunity to protect against lightning strikes and other surge events. It includes integrated Level 2 surge protection (up to 1 kV max), which can be upgraded to Level 4 protection (up to 4 kV max) with an optional external surge protection device.
  • RS-485 Isolation: The integrated galvanic isolation protects the internal communication interface, while enhancing the network reliability and flexibility in design.
  • External Grounding Lug: This feature facilitates local grounding of the pyranometer housing to quickly dissipate surge or fault currents, ensuring compliance with NEC industrial environment safety regulations.
  • Calibrated Tilt Sensor: The SR300 is the first Class A pyranometer that provides calibrated 3-axis tilt data for remote monitoring of tracking or fixed tilt installations.
  • In-Field Diagnostics: An LED status indicator allows on-site technicians to verify the sensor is powered, connected, and communicating.
  • Remote Diagnostics: The SR300 provides alerts for internal humidity, leak detection, heater status, and tilt changes, helping to maintain a robust, healthy sensor network.
  • Updated Software: The new sensor manager software includes an auto-detect feature, simplifying the process of connecting, configuring, and viewing real-time pyranometer data and diagnostics.
  • Dome Protector: This included accessory protects the pyranometer dome during transport, installation, and removal.

Common Accessories

PMF01 Mounting Fixture
Single pyranometer mount for horizontal GHI or fixed tilt POA installations on a crossarm or mast
PMF02 Dual Mounting Fixture
Dual pyranometer mount for horizontal GHI and fixed tilt POA installations on a crossarm or mast
Pyranometer Insulation Disc
PID02 Pyranometer Insulation Disc
Enhances surge protection by electrically isolating the pyranometer from its mounting structure
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ISO 9060:2018 and IEC 61724-1 Classification Spectrally Flat Class A (Secondary Standard)
Calibration Uncertainty < 1.2 % (k = 2)
Spectral Range 285 to 3000 x 10⁻⁹ m
Temperature Response < ± 0.4 % (-30 to +50 °C)
Zero Offset A < 2 W/m²
Zero Offset B < ± 2 W/m²
Tilt Measurement Uncertainty ± 1 ° (0 to 180 °)
Operating Voltage 8 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption (Ventilator On, Heating On) <3 W
Power Consumption (Ventilator On, Heating Off) <1 W
Power Consumption (Ventilator Off, Heating Off) <0.5 W
Electrical Output Modbus RS-485
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU over RS-485 (2-wire half duplex)
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +80 °C


Product BrochureUser Manual

New Sensor Manager SoftwareHukseflux Sensor Manager on a PC webXLv1902

The SR300 comes equipped with our latest Hukseflux Sensor Manager Software, version V2423. This software offers an intuitive interface for seamless communication between a PC and digital Hukseflux pyranometers and pyrheliometers with Modbus interfaces. Users can easily connect to, configure, and test multiple sensors, as well as conduct simple measurements directly from their PC. For optimal performance, always use the latest software version, which can be downloaded below. If you need assistance with V2423, please refer to the separate Sensor Manager Software User Manual.

Hukseflux Sensor Manager Software v2423Sensor Manager Software User Manual