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Repair Service FAQ

Where are repairs completed?

Products can be damaged by accident or by extreme conditions (such as lightning strikes). In this case repairs and the replacement of parts will be necessary. To ensure the utmost accuracy, all repairs are conducted at the Hukseflux factory in the Netherlands.

What is the process for getting service?

For evaluation and repair services, please request an RMA above. Upon receipt of the sensor at HuksefluxUSA in New York, a preliminary assessment of the complaint (validation) will be conducted, and you will be advised if there are any visible indications of surge.  It is then sent onto the Hukseflux factory in the Netherlands for a formal service evaluation and repair estimate. For repair costs over $1,000.00, client approval is requested before proceeding.

How long will it take to get a unit serviced?

The factory will advise of their diagnosis findings and provide an estimated return date.  Service time at the factory is typically 10 weeks.

What is the Warranty for Hukseflux products?

The product warranty is 5 years for pyranometers, pyrgeometers, albedometers, net radiometers and pyrheliometers. Hukseflux guarantees the supplied goods to be new, free from defects and free from faults that are clearly related to production and manufacturing. Factory warranty (granting free of charge repair) for defects that are clearly traceable to errors in production is 5 years.

What about Pyranometer Dome Damage?

Scratches or chips on a dome may affect readings, depending on the instrument and its application and the size, location, and number of scratches or chips.

For diffuse horizontal solar irradiance (DHI) measurements the pyranometer is shaded from the direct sun beam and most small scratches will not affect the readings significantly.

Reflected solar radiation is largely diffuse and small scratches will have little effect on the readings.

Global horizontal solar irradiance (GHI) and tilted global solar irradiance include the direct sun beam. Therefore, scratches or chips located on parts of the pyranometer dome over which direct sunlight passes during the day will affect the measurements.

When dome replacement is required, directional response characterization (DiRC) and solar radiation (SRC) calibrations will be completed.

What about Pyranometer Surge Damage?

Often times, when issues are caused by surge, there will be visible indications inside the sensor and warranty service is void. Our preliminary inspection looks for such signs enables us to advise you in advance whether repair costs will be incurred.

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