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Pyranometer Calibration Services

Ongoing post sale calibration service of all Hukseflux solar radiometer products (pyranometers, pyrheliometers, pyrgeometers, net radiometer and albedometers) is performed by our strategic service partner, ISO-CAL North America LLC.

Radiometer Calibration Services

Conveniently located in Phoenix Arizona, ISO-CAL North America is ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540 accredited for ‘both’ indoor and outdoor WRR traceable primary and secondary reference calibration. ISO-CAL’s indoors ASTM G207-11 compliant calibration process replicates the Hukseflux post production calibration method identically, thus maintaining sensitivity scale continuity from one calibration interval to the next, less any negligible naturally occurring sensitivity drift effect between calibration intervals. ISO-CAL states the expanded calibration uncertainty on each and every accredited calibration report generated, meeting or exceeding the manufactures original post production calibration uncertainty estimate.

Laboratory service capabilities include the calibration of:

  • Pyranometers
  • Pyrheliometers
  • UV Radiometers
  • FIR Pyrgeometers
  • Net Radiometers
  • Par/Quantum Sensors
  • LUX Sensors
  • UV & VIS Spectrometers
    (all makes and models)
Iso-Cal Pyranometer Calibration

ISO-CAL North America Accreditations and Standards Compliance

Standards compliance includes calibration to all applicable ASTM and ISO solar radiometer calibration standards.

For more information on ISO-CAL North America calibration services, visit ISO-CAL’s website at

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