Solar performance monitoring system

Solar Energy / PV Performance

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of sensors for solar radiation measurement. We supply to the world’s largest PV system performance monitoring companies, system integrators and OEM customers.

Surface flux measurement

Meteorology & Soil

For scientists interested in measurement of surface fluxes, Hukseflux offers radiometers (net radiometers, pyranometers and pyrgeometers) as well as heat flux sensors and ultra high accuracy soil temperature profile sensors.

Industry & Fire

Hukseflux high intensity heat flux sensors are ideal for industrial measurement and system process control applications. Examples of industrial heat flux applications include: aluminium reduction cell analysis, boiler fouling detection, oven monitoring and control, blast furnace monitoring, flame monitoring and composites processing.

Building Physics

In building physics, the investigation of the insulation capabilities of building materials is an important subject of study. Hukseflux is the present market leader in heat flux measurement related to building physics. The most commonly used sensor is type HFP01.

Concentrated Solar Thermal

Hukseflux supplies a category of special sensors for measurement of heat flux in boilers of solar concentrators. In these systems sunlight is concentrated by hundreds of mirrors on a receiver / boiler that converts water into steam. The steam powers a turbine for the generation of electricity.

Material Testing

Hukseflux is specialised in the measurement of thermal conductivity of plastics, composites, fluids, pastes, and granular materials like soils. Special capabilities include the measurement of composites in two directions, and the measurement of thin plastic and metal foil materials.

Thermal Route Survey

Hukseflux is the present market leader in the design of needle type thermal conductivity sensors. The main application of these sensors is in measurement of soil thermal conductivity and resistivity. There are two product categories: The first consists of scientific systems (needle types). The second category is systems designed for robustness rather than accuracy.