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  • DP01 Dome ProtectorPyranometer Dome Protector

    DP01 Dome Protector

    Protects the dome of a pyranometer during transport, installation, and removal
  • SR22 Class A Pyranometer

    Pyranometer with extended spectral range and quartz domes, with heating and millivolt output
  • SR25 Class A Pyranometer

    Pyranometer with a sapphire outer dome, internal heater, and millivolt output. Offering high measurement accuracy and low power consumption
  • RA01 Radiometer

    2-component radiometer measuring global solar and downward longwave radiation, includes a heater and 2-axis levelling assembly
  • CMF01 Crossarm Mounting Fixture

    Mounting fixture for installing a crossarm onto a vertical mast, suitable for pyranometers, albedometers, and net radiometers​
  • SHR02 Shadow Ring

    Shadow ring for pyranometers, used to measure diffuse solar radiation by preventing direct radiation from reaching the sensor