Mounting Hardware

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  • VMA01 Ventilation Mounting Adapter

    Adapter for mounting VU01 ventilation unit on PMF01 bracket, enabling versatile installation of ventilated pyranometers​
  • PMF01 Mounting Fixture

    Mounting fixture for pyranometers, allows horizontal or tilted installation on masts, crossarms, walls, and fences in Plane of Array
  • PMF02 Dual Mounting Fixture

    Dual mounting fixture for pyranometers, enabling horizontal and Plane of Array installation, ideal for PV system performance monitoring
  • CMF01 Crossarm Mounting Fixture

    Mounting fixture for installing a crossarm onto a vertical mast, suitable for pyranometers, albedometers, and net radiometers​
  • SHR02 Shadow Ring

    Shadow ring for pyranometers, used to measure diffuse solar radiation by preventing direct radiation from reaching the sensor