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Mark your calendars for September 11 to 14 and join us at the Venetian Conference & Expo Center in Las Vegas at Sands Level 2 — Booth #3063 — Smart Energy.

We are honored to participate in RE+ 2023, North America’s top-tier clean energy event, showcasing our innovative solutions in solar energy resource assessment and PV systems performance monitoring.

Being an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, our product line is diverse and includes ISO 9060 spectrally flat Class-A, B, and C, pyranometer, albedometer, and pyrheliometer models. At RE+ 2023, we’ll be proudly featuring our digital (RS485 / Modbus) SR30-M2-D1 pyranometer and SRA30-M2-D1 albedometer models, known for their cutting-edge internal ventilation, heating, digital tilt readout, and case temperature readout.

Our SR30-M2-D1 pyranometer, with enhanced onboard surge protection, boasts the highest measurement accuracy and data availability in its class. And remember, all Hukseflux pyranometer and pyrheliometer models are supplied with an ISO 17025 accredited certificate of calibration.

With an ever-growing presence in the solar energy sector across North America, we can’t wait to share our knowledge and products with fellow innovators, discuss trends, and explore new opportunities for a cleaner and brighter future.

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