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What is a Pyranometer Surge Protector?


Pyranometer Surge Protector

A Pyranometer Surge Protector Example

The SRg-Arrest is a multi-purpose power and RS-485 galvanic isolator and powered repeater optimized for in-field pyranometer installations requiring long cable runs, or when RS-485 isolation and galvanic isolation for power and signal are required.

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What is a Pyranometer Surge Protector?

A Pyranometer Surge Protector is a device that is designed to protect your pyranometer from electrical surges, helping to ensure that it continues to function correctly and accurately. These surge protectors can be easily connected to your pyranometer, and they work by diverting any excess electrical energy away from the instrument. This helps to prevent damage to the pyranometer, ensuring that it continues to provide reliable and accurate measurements of solar radiation.

Pyranometer surge protectors are an essential component of any solar panel or photovoltaic system, as they help to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your solar radiation measurements. Whether you are a professional in the renewable energy industry or a homeowner with a solar panel system, a pyranometer surge protector is a valuable investment that can help to protect your investment and ensure the long-term performance of your solar energy system.

Lightning Strike Protection for Pyranometers

Pyranometer Surge Protectors are devices that are used to protect solar radiation measurements from electrical surges caused by lightning strikes. They work by diverting any excess electrical current away from the sensitive measurement equipment and into a grounded conductor, such as a copper wire or rod buried in the ground. This prevents the electrical surge from damaging the equipment or causing a fire. The surge protectors typically include a spark gap, which is a small gap between two conductors that allows electrical current to flow through when the voltage exceeds a certain level. When this happens, the spark gap will discharge the excess electrical current into the grounded conductor, thus protecting the equipment from damage.

What is a Pyranometer?

Pyranometers are essential tools for measuring solar radiation, which is a key factor in the efficiency of solar panels and other photovoltaic systems. These instruments are typically used in a variety of applications, including weather forecasting, climate research, and renewable energy production. However, pyranometers are sensitive to electrical surges, which can damage the instrument or cause it to produce inaccurate readings. That’s where pyranometer surge protectors come in.

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