ST01 is a high quality temperature sensor that is specifically designed for soil temperature measurement in extreme environments. Using top quality materials it is suitable for hostile conditions as encountered in outdoor installation (temperature, radiation, chemicals). It is designed to have a record-breaking lifetime with optimal stability. Employing a platinum sensor, at extreme temperatures a higher accuracy can be attained than with commonly used thermistors.

  • Can be used across a very wide temperature range
  • Ultra-stable sensor
  • Record-breaking lifetime


An ultra-stable sensor that can withstand extreme conditions
The measurement of soil temperature is recommended by the World Meteorological Organisation at depths of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 cm. Proper installation of soil temperature sensors requires a lot of effort. Once installed, sensors are usually left alone without calibration for a long time. This means that the sensor and cabling should be very reliable and stable over time. ST01 is designed to be an ultra-stable sensor that can withstand the extreme conditions met in meteorological use; partially sub-soil, partially above-soil installation.

Suggested Use

  • Extreme environments: arctic & desert regions, polluted soil

Areas of Application


Measurand Temperature
Measurement range -60 to +150 °C, cable remaining flexible
Standard sensor Pt100, IEC 751:1983 class A
Alternative sensors Pt500, Pt1000
Attainable accuracy +/- 0.25 °C +/- 0.15 °C with individual calibration (both across -50 to +50 °C)
Moisture protection needle and cable until wiring exit IP68
Pressure resistance 6bar
UV resistance no UV degradation
Standard cable length 3m
Expected lifetime >10 yrs (normal field conditions)
Cable material extruded PTFE
Options Can be ordered with extended cable