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Our main area of expertise is measurement of heat transfer and thermal quantities. We offer a complete range of sensors and systems for measuring solar radiation, heat flux, soil temperature and thermal conductivity.

Featured Products

Pyranometers & Solar Radiometers

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of pyranometers, pyrheliometers, pyrgeometers, net radiometers and albedometers. We produce a complete range of solar and longwave radiation sensors, compliant with the latest ISO and WMO standards.

SR30-D2-M1 Pyranometer

Heat Flux Sensors

Worldwide Hukseflux is well known for the design and assembly of heat flux sensors. We offer a wide range of sensors for measuring heat flux in many applications.

Thermal Properties Sensors

Hukseflux offers sensors, systems and services for measuring thermal conductivity of plastics, composites, fluids, pastes, and granular materials like soils. Special capabilities include the measurement of composites in two directions (fiber and perpendicular to the fiber orientation), and the measurement of thin plastic and metal foil materials.


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