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What is a
Flux Heater?

What is a Flux Heater?

Flux heaters are a type of heating element that utilize electrical current to generate heat. The process involves passing an electrical current through a conductive material, such as metal wire or ribbon, which causes the material to resist the flow of electricity and become hot. The heat generated by the flux heater is then transferred to the surrounding environment through conduction, convection, or radiation.

One of the key advantages of flux heaters is their high efficiency. As they generate heat directly through the flow of electricity, they are able to convert a large portion of the electrical energy they consume into heat, making them more efficient than other types of heaters that rely on mechanical processes to generate heat. Flux heaters are also renowned for their fast heating times, as they are able to reach their full operating temperature within seconds or minutes, depending on their size and design.

What are Flux Heaters used for?

Flux heaters are utilized in a variety of applications where heat is necessary, including space heaters, ovens, and hot water heaters. In these applications, the heat generated by the flux heater is used to warm the air, cook food, or heat water, respectively. Flux heaters are also utilized in various industrial and manufacturing processes, where they are used to heat materials, melt substances, or dry objects.

A Flux Heater Example

The Hukseflux HTR02 Series Heater is an innovative and reliable solution for all of your heating needs. This compact and lightweight heater is perfect for use in a variety of applications, including space heating, temperature control, and process heating. Its low profile design and corrosion-resistant construction make it easy to install in tight spaces, while its high power density allows it to generate a significant amount of heat in a small area. And with its ability to reach its full operating temperature quickly, the HTR02 Series Heater is a highly efficient choice for any application. Known for its long service life and outstanding performance, the Hukseflux HTR02 Series Heater is the go-to choice for professionals in a wide range of industries.


In conclusion, flux heaters are a reliable, efficient, and fast-acting source of heat that are utilized in a wide range of applications, from warming small spaces to industrial and manufacturing processes.