The MTN02 performs fast measurements of the thermal conductivity and resistivity of soils. Measurement with MTN02 complies with ASTM D5334 and IEEE 442 standards. The system is primarily designed for laboratory (indoor) measurements but can also be used for on-site (field) measurements. MTN02 is operated and powered from the handheld control and readout unit CRU02.

  • Suitable for laboratory and field measurements
  • Suitable for hard soils and concretes
  • Easy data processing
  • Local calibration / conformity assessment


For Laboratory and On-Site
MTN02 is a thermal needle measuring system both for laboratory and on-site measurement of the thermal conductivity of soils. The measurement method is based on the use of a “thermal needle” . This method employs a heating wire and a temperature sensor in a needle.  The MTN02 measuring system consists of the thermal needle, model TP07, mounted on an insertion tool, IT03, and a control and readout unit CRU02. MTN02 is easy to use. The needle is inserted into the soil. The user performs control and readout of the measurement from the handheld CRU02. The measurement result is generated immediately by the CRU02 from the analysis of the time series of the temperature and the heating power during the heating interval.

Suitable for laboratory measurements: MTN02 is primarily designed to perform laboratory measurements. The needle, model TP07, is relatively thin so that common specimens (core samples) may be used. The IT03 can be mounted on a lever that is commonly used in machine shops with which the needle can be vertically inserted into the specimen.

Suitable for (on-site) field measurements: provided that the soil is relatively soft, MTN02 may be used for field measurements.  In case of harder soils or measurements at greater depths we recommend use of stronger needles and a lance (like in the system FTN02), or guiding tubes. MTN02 performs measurements as a stand-alone unit.

Suggested Use

  • Laboratory analysis of soil specimens
  • On-site (field) measurements close to the surface
  • With extension for on-site (field) measurements (see TNS02)

Areas of Application


Measurand Temperature, thermal conductivity, thermal resistivity
Measurement range 0.1 to 6 W/(m·K) (all common soils)
Rated operating temperature range from 0 to +50 °C
Measurement method absolute measurement per ASTM D 5334-08 and IEEE Standard 442-1981(03)
Data analysis initial analysis by CRU, final review of measurement on PC (required by ASTM)
Uncertainty (at 20 °C) +/- (6 % of reading + 0.04) W/(m•K)
Heating interval 300 s (typical)
Data storage capacity 50 measurements
Length TP07 0.12m
Diameter TP07 3.5 x 10⁻³ m
Data communication USB

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right instrument for measuring thermal properties?

Hukseflux offers a wide range of products for material characterization and measurement of thermal conductivity.

We can offer assistance in choosing the right instrument. But first, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • what material should be analyzed?
  • what are the conditions, for instance concerning temperature and pressure?
  • what specimens are available?
  • are there standards for my application?
  • what level of accuracy do I need?

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer of thermal conductivity measuring systems and sensors. We have prepared a guide which may assist you in choosing the proper instrument for measuring thermal properties of your material, whether it is soil, plastics, paints, composites, pastes and fluids.

Hukseflux is able to offer highest quality products at an acceptable price level. If we cannot offer you an acceptable solution ourselves, we will tell you who can. Please contact us for further assistance.

Where are the sensors (needle, probe, meter) for measuring thermal conductivity?

Hukseflux sells a range of complete measuring systems including sensors and Measurement and Control Units (MCU). We offer systems and needle type thermal properties sensors for use in the field and for use in laboratory environments.

These thermal properties sensors, TP02 and TP08, are also available as separate probes for use with the user’s own electronics, for instance Campbell Scientific CR1000.

Cannot find what you are looking for? Please contact us.

Can I get training or a rental system for the thermal conductivity measuring instrument of my choice?

Expert training for system operators
Although in general the systems can be operated by following manuals and standards, we can provide you with expert training. Training vastly improves the level of service to the third party, the efficiency of working with the equipment and reduces the uncertainty of the end result.

Equipment rental
Unfortunately we have discontinued our rental services for all systems.