Thermal Needle Set for Thermal Resistivity / Conductivity Measurement

TNS02 efficiently and accurately performs on-site (field) as well as laboratory measurements of the thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity of soils. The system is a combination of our FTN02 and MTN02 systems. Measurement with TNS02 complies with ASTM D5334 and IEEE 442 standards. It is designed for optimal flexibility. TNS02 includes two different needles; one on a short insertion tool for use in the laboratory, the other mounted on a long lance for use on-site. The control and readout unit, CRU02, is shared between the two (on-site and laboratory) needle models.

  • Efficient and accurate measurement of thermal conductivity and resistivity of soils
  • Measurements both in the field and in laboratory environments


TNS02 essentially consists of a combination of FTN02 and MTN02 components: the insertion tool IT03 and needle TP07 of MTN02 are added to FTN02.

Suggested Use

  • Route surveys, on-site (field) measurements
  • Laboratory analysis of soil specimens

Areas of Application



Temperature, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Resistivity

Measurement range

0.1 to 6 W/(m·K) (all common soils)

Rated operating temperature range

0 to + 50 °C

Measurement method

Absolute measurement per ASTM D 5334-08 and IEEE 442-1981 (03)

Further specifications

See FTN02 and MTN02


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