High temperature heat flux sensor

HF01 high temperature heat flux sensor measures heat flux and surface temperature at high temperatures, typically in industrial environments. It is particularly suitable for trend-monitoring and comparative testing. The same technology can be used to manufacture heat flux sensors for different applications.

  • Robust
  • Suitable for use at high temperatures
  • Low thermal resistance
  • High sensitivity
  • IP protection class: IP68


Suitable for Long Term Use at One Location as well as Repeated Installation
The sensors inside HF01, a thermopile and a thermocouple, are protected by fully sealed stainless steel body. It is suitable for long term use at one location as well as repeated installation when a measuring system is used at multiple locations. HF01 measures heat flux through the object on which it is mounted, in W/m², as well as its surface temperature in °C. The sensors in HF01 are a thermopile and a type K thermocouple. The thermopile measures the local heat flux. The thermocouple measures the absolute temperature of the surface on which HF01 is mounted, as well as the approximate sensor body temperature. A thermopile and a thermocouple are passive sensors; they do not require power. The part of the cabling closest to the sensor is a special high-temperature metal sheathed cable with an interlocked spiral stainless steel armour. The sensor as well as the high temperature cable and armour withstand temperatures up to 800 °C. The temperature range is reduced to 600 °C in case the black coating is used, to 550 °C in case the frame with magnets is used.

Easy to Use
Using HF01 is easy. It can be connected directly to commonly used data logging systems. The heat flux, in W/m², is calculated by dividing the HF01 output, a small voltage, by the sensitivity and by applying a linear correction based on the temperature measurement. The sensitivity and temperature dependence are provided with HF01 on its product certificate. Equipped with heavy duty cabling, and having a fully stainless steel casing so that moisture does not penetrate the sensor, HF01 has proven to be very reliable. It survives long-term outdoor installation and repeated installation using the frame with magnets.

Suggested Use

  • Trend-monitoring and comparative measurement of heat flux and surface temperature in industrial installations

Areas of Application

Industrial monitoring and control / heat flux and heat transfer measurement
Scientific research / heat and heat transfer measurement



heat flux, temperature

Measurement range

-50 to 50 x 10³ W/m²

Sensitivity (nominal)

0.5 x 10⁻⁶ V/(W/m²)

Heat flux sensor


Temperature sensor

thermocouple type K

Calibration traceability

to SI units

-Sensor and high temperature cable

-30 to +800 °C

-Optional frame with magnets

-30 to +550 °C

-Black coating

-30 to +600 °C

-High temperature cable

0.9 m (see options)

-Low temperature extension cable

-30 to +240 °C
3.5 m (see options)

Order code

HF01 / high temperature cable length in m / low temperature extension cable length in m


• Longer cable (specify total cable length for both cable types in m)
• frame with magnets and silicone sleeve
• frame with 2 mounting holes (no magnets)
• Thermocouple type N
• Sensor and high temperature cable, temperature range -180 to + 800 °C
• EC type examination certificate (ATEX) II 2 G EEx d IIC T6
• Connector at HF01 cable end
• Low temperature extension cable with 2 connectors, matching cable connector and chassis connector
• Chassis connector with internal wiring (colour code of wiring identical to cable colour code)
• Silicone protection sleeve around the high temperature cable (specify length in m, standard length 1 m, covering the standard 0.9 m high temperature cable)


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