Heater for Calibration and Verfication of Performance of FHF-Type Sensors

Hukseflux, the world market leader in heat flux sensors, simplifies heat flux sensor calibration. HTR01 is a heater with 4-wire connection with a known surface area and electrical resistance. It is used for calibration and functionality checks of FHF-type heat flux sensors. Users can now easily and objectively check their sensor performance before and after use. See also model FHF02SC heat flux sensor with integrated heater.

  • Makes it possible to perform a simple test
  • Guarantees sensor stability
  • Matches FHF-type heat flux sensors


HTR01 Heater for Calibration and Verification of Performance of FHF-Type Sensors

Measuring heat flux, users may wish to regularly check their sensor performance. A quick check or if you like even a formal calibration is now possible with HTR01 plus some accessories that most laboratories will have in-house. The HTR01 heater has a well characterized a traceable surface area and electrical resistance.

HTR01 is a foil heater. Either it can be used as a general-purpose heater or it can be used in combination with foil heat flux sensors such as FHF01 and FHF02 for test and calibration purposes.

Suggested Use

  • Calibration and verification of performance of FHF-type sensors

Areas of Application

  • Building physics / insulation, thermal comfort and energy budget measurement
  • Scientific research / heat and heat transfer measurement


Power Supply Voltage

12 VDC

Heater Area

2062 x 10⁻⁶ m²

Heater Resistance Range

100 Ω (nominal)

Heater Thickness

0.1 x 10⁻³ m

Operating Temperature Range

-40 to +150 °C

Heater Rated Power Supply

9 to 15 VDC

Standard Wire Length

2 m (2 x 2 wires)


Supplied with a certificate stating surface area in [m²] and heater resistance in [Ω]

Requirements for Testing

Metal heat sink > 1 kg; power supply 12 VDC; 0.2 A; insulation material; contact material such as glycerol or toothpaste


Longer wire length upon request


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