Sun Tracker 2000 SMS

Solar Energy Measurement System

The Geonica SunTracker-2000 is a two axis, fully automatic, low power consumption and lightweight solar tracker, to align solar radiation instruments with the normal incidence of the Sun, from any position on the earth’s surface.

  • Unattended and automatic operation
  • Very high accuracy
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Remote positioning control and communications


Model SunTracker-2000 is a two axis fully automatic lightweight solar tracker, to align solar radiation instruments with the normal incidence of the Sun, from any position on the earth’s surface.

Includes a two axis mechanical device with two stepping motors, controlled by an electronic module combined with our Data Logger Model METEODATA. Tracking control is carried out by an astronomical algorithm calculated by the data logger, having the possibility of integrating an optional GPS receiver for ensuring a very precise clock synchronization.

This new design has a fundamental advantage versus other solar trackers regarding the energy consumption, as it requires 2.12 watts from the battery of the data logger. So a single 50W solar panel will be enough for powering both, the solar tracker and the data logger, avoiding the need of having 115/230VAC mains line at the site.

The SunTracker-2000 allows to mount one or two pyrheliometers for the measurement of the Direct solar radiation, as well as one pyranometer for the measurement of the Global radiation. An optional support and shading assembly can also be installed when Diffuse radiation is necessary.

The operation of the SunTracker-2000 in association with the METEODATA logger allows to profit all the unique advantages offered by our versatile unit, as indicated below:

  • Unattended and automatic operation.
  • Remote control of the solar tracker by means of the same communications network used with the data logger (GSM/GPRS, 3G, satellite, Wi-Fi, WiMax, etc.).
  • Automatic transmission of SMS alarm messages in case of low battery or vandalism (GSM/GPRS optional modem is required for the logger).
  • Clock synchronization via Internet time base or by an optional GPS receiver integrated with the data logger.

Real-Time calculation and recording each second, of the Sun elevation and azimuth, alongside the absolute position. This allows to correlate the solar radiation measurements with the Sun position and also to carry out the Automatic Operation Diagnosis by the ADAS-3000 (Automatic Diagnosis and Alarms Software, running in the Datalogger) each second, as described at the end of this brochure.

Automatic and continuous diagnosis of the correct operation of the two stepping motors, in such a way that, in case of accidental error, a SMS alarm message will be sent. • Very low power consumption of 2.12 watts. This allows the logger to power also the solar tracker using a little solar panel for recharging its internal battery (mains is not necessary on the site).

Applications/Suggested Use

  • all situations where ventilated pyranometers are employed
  • PV system performance monitoring
  • indoor PV testing with solar simulators
  • airborne measurements
  • diffuse measurements
  • environments with dew
  • environments with frost

Applications/Suggested Use

  • longer cable, in multiples of 5 meters


Control module

Internal, with RS485 interface

Clock synchcronization

By Internet time base or GPS receiver, via the data logger

Pointing accuracy

0.1º in both axis (passive tracking) better than 0.01º (active tracking) with optional Sun sensor)


12 Nm

Payload (Balanced)

Greater than 80 kg

Angular velocity


Supply voltage

12 VDC

Power required

2.12 watts (only SunTracker-2000) 3.02 watts (entire system: METEODATA, GPS controller, Ethernet,etc.)


Temperature range (no heater necessary): -40 to +60ºC (working according to Geonica’s operating specifications) Rel. Humidity range 0-100%

Mounting base

Tripod with two spirit levels


Cast aluminium housing AISI 304 Stainless steel worm and bronze gear


8 Kg


300x370x290 mm ( HxWxD)

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