Crossarm mounting fixture for pyranometers, albedometers, and net radiometers

Hukseflux offers a full range of practical brackets for mounting atmospheric radiation sensors in all climates and weather conditions. CMF01 is a versatile fixture allowing the mounting of a crossarm onto a vertical mast. It is typically used with SR05, SR15, and SR30 pyranometers with their mounting fixtures. It can also be used in combination with NR01 net radiometers and SRA series albedometers.

  • quick installation
  • strong mast-to-crossarm connection
  • carries multiple instruments


CMF01 Mounting Fixture

CMF01 is a practical mounting fixture for mounting a crossarm. The purpose of the crossarm  is to mount radiometers on a mast. The crossarm may serve to mount multiple instruments. The crossarm also creates some distance between the radiometer and mast, so that the mast does not cast a shadow and reflect radiation onto the instrument. A typical distance between mast and radiometer is 1.5 m.

Most crossarms used in radiometry are mounted in the north-south direction so that the radiometer can be mounted towards the equator and a mast extending above the crossarm does not cast a shadow on the instrument.

In PV monitoring we also see crossarms oriented in the east-west direction to mount instruments for Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), Plane of Array Irradiance (POA), and Reflected Horizontal Irradiance (RHI).


Suggested Use

  • Meteorological Observations
  • PV Monitoring

Areas of Application

  • Building physics / insulation, thermal comfort, and energy budget measurement
  • Meteorology / surface energy flux measurement
  • Solar energy / PV system performance monitoring


  • ALF01
  • CMF01


Mast compatibility

diameter (40 to 65) x 10⁻³

Crossarm compatibility

1 inch pipe length < 1.5 m

Maximum weight of CMF01 (at length of 1.5 m)

2.5 kg


There are other Hukseflux mounting options available for SR30, SR15, and SR05 pyranometers. They allow for simplified mounting, leveling, and instrument exchange on a flat surface or a tube, such as a crossarm. These mounts are optional with the purchase of these instruments. Alternatively, PMF01 and PMF02 brackets may be used for mounting any Hukseflux pyranometer on a mast, crossarm, or other mounting platforms.


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