Albedometer mounting kit for 2 x SR20 / SR11 pyranometers

Hukseflux offers a practical range of mounting and levelling fixtures to construct albedometers from its popular pyranometers. Albedometers are increasingly popular in bifacial PV module monitoring. AMF02 allows you to combine two SR11 or two SR20(-D2) pyranometers into one albedometer. The modular design facilitates maintenance and calibration. The AMF02 albedometer kit includes a mounting fixture and a glare screen. ALF01 is a levelling fixture that may be combined with AMF02, and helps levelling the instrument.

  • combine 2 pyranometers into 1 albedometer with our AMF02 albedometer kit
  •  AMF / ALF series is easy to use


AMF02 mounting fixture

Albedo, also called solar reflectance, is defined as the ratio of the reflected to the global radiation. The solar albedo depends on the directional distribution of incoming radiation and on surface properties at ground level. Albedos of typical surfaces range from about 4 % for fresh asphalt and 15 % for green grass to 90 % for fresh snow.

An albedometer is an instrument that measures global and reflected solar radiation and the solar albedo, or solar reflectance. Albedometers are increasingly popular in bifacial PV module monitoring. An albedometer is composed of two pyranometers, the up-facing one measuring global solar radiation, and the downfacing one measuring reflected solar.

You may use one AMF02 albedometer kit and two pyranometers of model SR20 to construct an albedometer of Spectrally Flat Class A, the highest accuracy class according to ISO 9060 (formerly known as ‘secondary standard’). AMF02 may also be combined with model SR11 pyranometers to construct a Spectrally Flat Class B albedometer.  The modular design facilitates maintenance and calibration. By taking the instrument apart you can use normal indoor calibration facilities for instrument calibration. SR11 and SR20 pyranometers are supplied with several outputs; analog millivolts, 4-20 mA current loop, and Modbus over RS-485 are the most commonly used.

AMF02 is easy to use. It allows you to combine two separate SR11 or SR20(-D2) pyranometers into one albedometer. Besides the two pyranometers and the AMF02 kit, all that is needed is a set of tools. Required tools are hex key nr. 2,3,4 and 5. Mounting instructions are delivered with AMF02. AMF02 also includes a glare screen. A glare screen is a metal ring and is mounted on the downfacing sensor. At solar elevations of < 5 °, when the sun is just above the horizon, the glare screen prevents solar radiation that is measured by the downfacing sensor. This is important because it would lead to unrealistic albedo measurements. Modern data quality assurance can also attain the data quality by calculating solar elevation and rejecting any data at solar elevations below a certain value for example < 10 °.

Suggested Use

  • PV monitoring with bifacial solar modules
  • high-accuracy meteorological observations
  • building physics, roof reflectance studies
  • extreme climates (tropical / polar)

Areas of Application

  • Meteorology / surface energy flux measurement
  • Solar energy / PV system performance monitoring


  • ALF01
  • CMF01



construction of an albedometer when combined with 2 pyranometers

Instrument compatibility

SR20, SR20-D2, SR11

Included parts

1 x glare screen; 1 x AMF02 fixture with rod; 2 x o-ring; 1 x conical positioner; 2 x plug (pre-mounted); 2 x M5x12 socket head cap screw; 1 x M6x10 socket head cap screw; 2 x M6x12 set screw; 1 x mounting and fixation instruction sheet

Rod diameter

15 x 10⁻³ m

Albedometer measurand

global solar radiation and reflected solar radiation

Optional albedometer measurand

net solar radiation


ALF01 is a levelling tool that can be used with AMF02, AMF03 or SRA series albedometers to easily level the instrument.


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